Paddock Maintenance Knutsford


Paddock Maintenance Knutsford




February 2024

Brief Description of the job: 

Throwback to the Summer. Cutting paddocks with the mighty flail.

We’ve got a wide variety of grass-cutting implements. For rough paddocks, woodlands and fine turf.

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Winter Garden Maintenance: Preparing for Spring

As we wave goodbye to January and welcome February, our gardens quietly await the onset of spring. This period is critical for garden maintenance, ensuring your outdoor spaces are primed for the upcoming bloom. In this blog, our garden maintenance experts in Cheshire offer advice on preparing your garden for spring.

Tidying and Cleaning Up

Begin by tidying up your garden. Remove any fallen leaves, dead branches, and debris that have accumulated over winter. This not only enhances the appearance of your garden but also prevents the spread of pests and diseases. Remember, Acorn Landscape Services can assist in clearing your garden, providing a neat canvas for spring.

Pruning and Trimming

Late winter is the ideal time for pruning most deciduous trees and shrubs. Pruning encourages healthy growth and flowering. However, it’s important to identify which plants benefit from winter pruning. We possess the knowledge to appropriately prune your plants, ensuring their optimal growth in spring.

Preparing Soil and Beds

The end of January and the start of February is the perfect time to prepare your soil. Digging over your beds, removing weeds, and adding compost or wellrotted manure will improve soil structure and fertility. We provide professional soil preparation services, ensuring your plants have the best possible start.

Planting and Planning

This period is also great for planting bare-root trees, shrubs, and some perennials. Planning your garden layout and plant choices now can save time in the busy spring months. Our team can provide expert advice on plant selection and garden design tailored to your space and preferences.

Lawn Care

Lawns can look a little worse for wear after winter. Lightly rake your lawn to remove thatch and moss and consider aerating it to improve drainage. Our team offers comprehensive lawn care, from aeration to fertilization, to ensure your lawn is lush and green for spring.

Protecting from Late Frosts

Keep an eye on the weather forecasts for late frosts. Protect tender plants with fleece or move them to a sheltered location. Our team can advise on the best ways to protect your plants from the unpredictable UK weather.


Garden maintenance at the end of January and beginning of February sets the foundation when preparing for a stunning spring garden. Acorn Landscape Services in Cheshire is here to help, offering bespoke garden maintenance advice and services. From pruning to lawn care, our team ensures your garden is beautifully prepared for the spring. Contact us today to get your garden springready!

Garden Maintenance Alderley Edge


Garden Maintenance Alderley Edge


Alderley EdgeCheshire


December 2023

Brief Description of the job: 

Planning for Spring 2024.

Here the team are installing a 50mm covering of Recycle Green Waste compost mulch.

Not only does this look great but by doing this over the winter months you will see the benefits come to fruition next year. Healthy growth and flourishing plants.

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Winter Paddock Maintenance Advice

As the winter season approaches, it’s essential for horse owners to prepare their paddocks for the challenges that lie ahead. While the winter may not be the most active growing season for your pasture, it’s crucial to engage in regular maintenance to ensure your horse’s paddock remains in the best possible condition. In this blog, we’ll explore some key steps for horse paddock maintenance in Cheshire during the winter months.

Encourage Drainage

During winter, the colder weather can lead to soil becoming hard and compacted. This presents a significant challenge for your paddock, as it hinders the absorption of rain, melting snow, and frost into the ground. To mitigate this issue, it’s vital to promote proper drainage within your paddock.

Here’s how you can do it:

Aerate the Soil: Use aeration equipment to break up compacted soil, allowing water to infiltrate more easily.

Install Drainage Systems: Consider installing drains or ditches in low-lying areas to direct excess water away from the paddock.

Avoid Overgrazing: Overgrazing can exacerbate soil compaction, so monitor the number of horses in each paddock to prevent damage to the sward.

Maintaining good drainage is key to ensuring the longevity and health of your pasture.

Fencing and Basic Maintenance

Winter presents an excellent opportunity to assess the condition of your paddock’s fencing and engage in essential maintenance. Here are some tips to consider:

Inspect Fencing: Examine all fencing to identify and repair any damage or weak spots. Sturdy fencing is essential to ensure the safety of your horses.

Plan Layout: Evaluate the layout of your paddock to determine if it’s optimised for your horse’s needs. Adjust based on your experience from the previous year’s grazing rotation.

Clear Debris: Remove any debris, fallen branches, or other obstacles that could pose a hazard during winter. A clean paddock is a safe paddock.

Taking care of fencing and making necessary layout improvements during the winter will set the stage for a successful year ahead.

Manage Stocking Density

During the winter months, it’s crucial to control the stocking density of horses in your paddocks. Overstocking can lead to overgrazing, which can be detrimental to the health of your pasture. Here’s how you can manage this effectively:

Rotate Grazing Areas: Implement a rotational grazing system to prevent overgrazing in a specific area. Move horses to different paddocks periodically.

Monitor Sward Health: Keep an eye on the condition of your sward (the grass and plants in your pasture). Avoid letting horses graze in the same area too extensively during the winter when soil nutrients are limited.

Provide Supplementary Feeding: If necessary, supplement your horses‘ diet with hay or feed to reduce the pressure on your paddocks.

Proper stocking management is essential to maintain a healthy and sustainable pasture throughout the winter.

Fertiliser and Grass Seeding for Spring

While winter may not be a time for active growth, it’s an ideal season to prepare for the upcoming spring. Here’s what you can do to ensure a bountiful and healthy grazing experience in the spring:

Assess Fertiliser Needs: Evaluate your paddock’s nutrient levels and order appropriate fertilisers to enrich the soil. Proper fertilisation will encourage grass growth when the weather warms up.

Seed Grass for Regrowth: Consider seeding areas that may need grass re-establishment or repair. This proactive approach will ensure your pasture is lush and thriving when spring arrives.

Preparing in advance will help you enjoy a green and nutritious paddock for your horses as soon as the weather permits.

Struggling to Maintain Your Paddock in Cheshire?

Winter paddock maintenance is essential for the well-being of your horses and the longevity of your pasture. If you are struggling to keep on top of your paddock maintenance in Cheshire, speak to Acorn Landscape Services today. We have the experience and equipment to keep your paddock in top condition throughout the seasons.

Garden Maintenance Mobberley


Garden Maintenance Mobberley




June 2023

Brief Description of the job: 

Irrigation, why would you not?

Keep your planting looking lush all year with an irrigation system installed by us.

The most effective way to water your garden. With each dripper releasing 1 litre per hr.

These systems can be installed even if you have low water pressure due to their unique design with integrated drip valves.

This isn’t just your usually leaky or soaked pipe.

With all systems installed with a sleek-looking Claber timer, you don’t even have to worry about turning your tap on.

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