Paddock Maintenance

If you are looking for all year-round Paddock Maintenance or one-off seasonal paddock preparation in mid-Cheshire get in touch with the experts.

Why is Paddock Maintenance Important?

Paddock maintenance is more important to promoting good health in your horse than many give it credit for. In addition to this, it seems like the cost of keeping a horse is ever on the increase. Consequently, good paddock maintenance can help reduce the feed costs but also providing your horse with vital nutrients. Click below to get in touch with any enquiries about our paddock maintenance you may have.

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Recognising a Problem in your Paddock

There are many problems that can occur within a paddock that has been neglected. If you find your paddock has any of the below issues, don’t delay call us today on 07751 755 000.

Bogged areas – Often caused by drainage problems.

Poached Patches – This can become overtaken with weeds if not remedied.

Soil Compaction – Reduces the rate of water to the grass and other nutrients.

Moss and Weeds – There are many causes of this problem including compact soil, waterlogged land and low PH.

Paddock Maintenance

Acorn Landscape Services can offer a year-round Paddock Maintenance service. From the rolling and harrowing early Spring, to clear any dead material and weeds, to the grass and verge cutting. We have the staff and the equipment to manage everything for you.

  • Mowing
  • Rolling
  • Harrowing
  • Spraying
  • Seeding
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Hedge and Verge Cutting Services

We can also offer a tractor mounted hedge and verge cutting service. We understand our clients require a service which will meet their needs with little disruption. The machinery we use such as the flail allows us makes light work of overgrown hedges and can transform an overgrown, unkempt hedge into a neat presentable parameter of your property in very little time.

What Will I Need To Do

You will be required to do very little. If you can clear the paddock prior to work beginning this would be ideal. Most of all. remember to arrange clear access for our vehicles and provide any parking permits required.

The Machinery

This versatile equipment means we are able to not only able to bring back your hedges and neaten the verges, but because it is a compact tractor it offers the accessibility of manual trimming allowing us to get to places larger machinery cannot touch yet provides the convenience and reach of larger machinery allowing us to complete the job in a timely manner with minimum disruptions to your property.

In conclusion, the compact tractor is not only useful in general maintenance, but this can also be ideal for those looking to install a new fence line, it allows us to cut back your hedge into the correct line for your project keeping within your deadline.

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What To Do Next

Call the team today on 07751 755 000. We can arrange a site visit to assess your Paddock and discuss the work that is required. We can arrange for work to be carried out on a scheduled basis or just as a one-off. Fill in your details on the site visit request below.